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Billionaire Samsung Scion receives 2-1/2 years of imprisonment

Billionaire Samsung Scion and Lee Jae-Yong was sent back to prison on Monday after a South Korean court handed him a 2-1/2 year sentence due to his

Inside the Capitol Attack

And what else you need to know today.

Your Tuesday Briefing

Some problems in India’s vaccine rollout.

Your Tuesday Briefing

Europe won’t wait for Biden.

Economist Nouriel Roubini: "Twitter and the Other Platforms Are Bad, Facebook Is Worse"

Star economist Nouriel Roubini believes that President-elect Joseph Biden's first term will be overshadowed by civil unrest at home and cyberattacks from abroad. He believes social media platforms must be more strictly regulated.

Can We Stop a Super Coronavirus?

The new variants of the coronavirus are even more dangerous than those known so far. Researchers and politicians fear a sharp increase in the number of infections, with dramatic consequences like those seen in Britain. Can Germany still stop the new killers?

USA: New rule for passengers arriving in the country

USA: New rule for passengers arriving in the country, According to the new rule, passengers are required to show a negative COVID-19 test results before they can enter the country.

Brazil Starts Vaccinations Amid Rise in Covid Cases and New Variants

The country has relatively few doses and is paying a price for its leader’s slow pursuit of vaccines early on. That lapse may hinder Brazil’s ability to fight worrisome variants.

CDC: New Coronavirus Variant Could Become Dominant, Lead To More Covid-19, Deaths

What exactly is different about the B.1.1.7 variant of the Covid-19 coronavirus, first detected in the United Kingdom (U.K.)? How might it affect natural immunity and protection from Covid-19 vaccination?

Dew collector brings water to thirsty plants

This invention grabs water from the air at night. All it needs is the sun’s warmth the next day to release that moisture to growing plants.

The New Climate War review: Reasons to be optimistic about the future

The forces fighting climate science have not been defeated, just changed tactics. But Michael Mann, a key figure in the fightback, argues for hope in his new book

Supreme Court Case Could Limit Future Lawsuits Against Fossil Fuel Industry

The court will hear arguments on a technical legal question in a case that demands fossil fuel companies help pay for the costs of dealing with climate change.

Martian Sounds May Surprise Us After A Rover Lands Microphones There

Other missions failed in bringing microphones to the surface, so a lot of nervous scientists are hoping we'll finally get to listen to Mars.

A 16-Year-Old’s Innovative Door Handle Solution For Covid-19

When the coronavirus pandemic started, Ethan Gotian’s teacher held a class discussion about all the challenges they would face when the school reopened.

Honeybees fend off deadly hornets by decorating hives with poop

Bees usually collect pollen and nectar. Scientists were surprised to find that Asian honeybees also gather animal dung to defend their hives.

We Just Found Two Mysterious Galaxies 62 Times Bigger Than Our Milky Way, Say Scientists

“Giant radio galaxies” could be more common than we thought.

Explainer: Insects, arachnids and other arthropods

Arthropods are all around us, but identifying them can be hard. To start, look at the four main groups: chelicera, crustaceans, myriapods and insects.vvv

5 reaction videos to explosion boxes that are priceless!

Explosion boxes are a great way to surprise your loved ones with a creative touch. These boxes, when opened, shower the recipients with a ‘surprise’ and have been quite popular in the l…

Love Potion - free cut file! - A girl and a glue gun

Grab this free cut file- Love potion! It will make a darling shirt to wear this Valentine Season! Or put this svg on a cute wood sign.

20 of the Best Tips for a Clean and Organized Home

Declutter your house and live in a space that you love! Click here for 20 of the best tips to clean and organize your home.

Soup Bowl Cozy – DIY Sewing Tutorial

There’s nothing like a bowl of warm soup on a cold day.  But those bowls get hot in the microwave! Sew Simple Home shows how you can sew a soup bowl cozy to protect your hands from the warm b…

Meandering Cables to Cover Your Head

Cables and lace inspired by a crackling fire swirl around the Emberly hat pattern designed by Vanessa Smith. It’s worked in the round from the bottom up and comes in one size that fits a vari…

Knit the Galaxy with this Star Wars Knitting Book

Attention all Star Wars fans: a new official Stars Wars knitting book is being unleashed on the galaxy, and I for one can’t wait to get stitching. Star Wars is one of the fandoms everyone in …

Valentines handmade cards for kids {free printable}

Get kids crafting with this easy tutorial to make Valentines handmade cards. Using a needle and thread to make these Valentines Day handmade cards is a great way to get kids started in sewing. This…

Stitch a Snarky Valentine

Maybe the person you’re with has a snarky sense of humor and will appreciate knowing, maybe not that they’re loved, but at least they are hated the least. Show off your mild feelings wi…

Paper Plate Fish Aquarium | Fun Family Crafts

Make an adorable aquarium craft using a paper plate and a few basic supplies. It’s a fun project with plenty […]

Lizzie’s Dream Journal by Charlie King – Book Review

Lizzie's Dream Journal by Charlie King - Book Review Lizzie's Dream Journal Author - Charlie King Publisher - Caab Publishing Ltd Pages - 167 Released - 2nd december 2020 ISBN-13 - 978-1913781057 Format - ebook, paperback Rating - 4 Stars I received a free copy of this book. This post contains affiliate links. Synopsis After the death of her father, Lizzie Barnes’ life takes an interesting turn when her mum brings home

The Midnight Guardians by Ross Montgomery – Book Review

The Midnight Guardians by Ross Montgomery - Book Review The Midnight Guardians Author - Ross Montgomery Publisher - Walker Books Pages - 400 Released - 5th November 2020 ISBN-13 - 978-1406391183 Format - ebook, paperback, audio Rating - 5 Stars I received a free copy of this book. This post contains affiliate links. Synopsis Sometimes at the darkest hour, hope shines the brightest… When Col’s childhood imaginary friends come to life, he discovers

After the Loss of a Child, How Does Life Go On?

Emily Rapp Black ponders the unanswerable in her new memoir, “Sanctuary.”

Deborah Rhode, Who Transformed the Field of Legal Ethics, Dies at 68

A Stanford professor, she pushed the legal profession to confront the ways it failed clients and to be more inclusive of women.

#TuesdayBookBlog THE DEVIL AND THE DARK WATER by Stuart Turton (@BloomsburyBooks) (@stu_turton) A delightfully elaborate magic trick

Hi, all: Here comes a book that kept popping up on blogs and articles about new books, and I was intrigued by the author and the title, so… The Devil and the Dark Water by Stuart Turton ̵…

Experimental Literature That Tests Family Bonds and Routines

“Last Orgy of the Divine Hermit,” “Marshlands” and “Saturation Project” are full of inventive twists and innovations.

Meet Me In Monaco by Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb #HistoricalFiction #Romance @msheatherwebb @HazelGaynor #TuesdayBookBlog

Authors: Hazel Gaynor, Heather Webb Published: September 2019 by WmMorrowPB Category: Historical Fiction, Romance, Book Review Movie stars and paparazzi flock to Cannes for the glamorous film festi…

Rooso Takes To The Sky by Moira Benoit – Book Review

Rooso Takes To The Sky by Moira Benoit - Book Review Rooso Takes To The Sky The story of the first hot air balloon flight Author - Moira Benoit Illustrator - Louis Benoit Pages - 20 Released - 21st November 2020 ISBN-13 - 978-1527276727 Format - ebook, paperback Rating - 5 Stars I received a free copy of this book. This post contains affiliate links. Synopsis An uplifting re-telling of the Montgolfier's first

For More Inclusive Writing, Look to How Writing Is Taught

“Craft in the Real World,” by Matthew Salesses, dismantles assumptions about the art of fiction and how it should be written.