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This Year's World Series Isn't the First Played During a Pandemic. Here's What Happened to Baseball in 1918

Boston Red Sox historian Gordon Edes called it “the most joyless World Series ever"

'Worlds between' Trump and his German family's town

The mayor of Donald Trump’s ancestral German village pledged before the US president’s surprise 2016 election that if he did anything “great” for America or the world, he would hang a plaque in his honour. Four years on, there’s still no plaque. Kallstadt is the tiny wine-growing town in Germany’s southwest where Trump’s paternal grandparents […]

20201022 EnergyWire David G. Victor

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Minneapolis Residents Sue the City For Reduced Police Presence

This move counters the widespread calls across the country to defund police departments and take officers off the streets.

How Joe Biden Built a Different Democratic Coalition

“He’s created a coalition that’s completely unique in Democratic politics for the last 20 years," says Biden pollster John Anzalone

Donald Trump Uses Final Debate with Joe Biden to Dog Whistle His Attacks

“Come on,” Joe Biden said of Donald Trump during the final debate, “this guy is a dog whistle about as big as a foghorn.”

The U.K. Is Facing a Child Hunger Crisis. Soccer Star Marcus Rashford Won't Wait For the Government To Act

Marcus Rashford is pressuring the U.K. government to feed hungry children during school vacations amid COVID-19

Video: First Nest of Invasive Asian Giant Hornets Finally Located in Washington State

After a protracted search, officials in the US state of Washington have located the first American nest of the Asian giant hornet, an invasive species whose potentially...

Video: US Navy Aircraft Crashes into Alabama House, Two Pilots Killed

A US Navy aircraft crash southeast of Mobile, Alabama, has resulted in the deaths of at least two people, according to statements provided by local authorities.

The Case for Reviving the Civilian Conservation Corps

If the US brought back the Great Depression’s massive worker program, it could put millions of Americans back to work—and help stave off disasters like wildfires.

Tesla Recalls Vehicles With Suspension Issue in China

Tesla has recalled nearly 30,000 Model X and Model Y vehicles that were imported to China due to a suspension issue. The defect was discovered in vehicles that were manufactured at Tesla’s fa…

Another Surge, Vaccine and Treatment Progress, and More

Catch up on the most important updates from this week.

Climate Warrior Biden Promises to Shut Down the US Oil Industry

During Thursday’s Presidential debate, President Biden made a clear statement that he intends to transition away from the oil industry. My question – what part does Burisma play in this…

A list of simple actions you can take to survive a landslide

A new paper published in the journal Geohealth provides a list of simple actions you can take to survive a landslide

Ten fat polar bears filmed raiding a stalled Russian garbage truck

From the Siberian Times today (20 October) is a story with few facts but a fabulous video of six fat adults and four fat cubs as they set siege to a stalled open garbage truck in the Russian Arctic…

Fireball in the sky over Alaska - The Field

Fee, who is also a researcher with the Alaska Volcano Observatory, finds infrasound useful for capturing the explosive roar of volcanoes. Scientists have also detected the aurora borealis stirring the thin air above us, and the air disturbed by far-off mine explosions. And, it turns out, infrasound is also a good tool for measuring the path of space rocks screaming through the 30-mile shell of gases surrounding our planet.

Galactic Archaeology: Supercomputers Dig Into First Star Fossils

No one has yet found the first stars. They're hypothesized to have formed about 100 million years after the Big Bang out of universal darkness from the primordial gases of hydrogen, helium, and trace light metals. These gases cooled, collapsed, and ignited into stars up to 1,000 times more massiv

SpaceX's Starlink to Provide Internet Access for Texas School District

By now, you’ve probably heard the story of the boy who walked miles to his school every day so he could log into its Wi-Fi to do schoolwork. The good news is that his family now has Internet …

Cat Finds A Very Adventurous New Perch

She was having so much fun.

Man Brings 300 Dogs Into His House To Protect Them From Hurricane

The pups were so happy to have a safe place to go.

Pillow Talk - Dogshaming

When I have to fart I ALWAYS run and sit on mamas pillow before letting it rip! Sharing is caring after all! Sorry not sorry! Sincerely, Winston the Shih Tzu

How To Make A DIY Felted Cat Cave

In this felting video, you are shown the basics of making a Felted cat cave. Felted cat caves are all the trend right now. Cat’s houses, beds and pods have never looked so stylish!  This felt…

Knit a Super Cozy Scrappy Blanket

It feels like I haven’t shared any blanket or afghan knitting patterns in a while, and it’s high time to do so for folks in the Northern Hemisphere. It might not be cold yet, but itR…

Try this: Mexi Hot Chocolate Bombs!

How to make Mexi Hot Chocolate Bombs! These are hollow chocolate balls filled with marshmallows. You'll love making and eating these!

Kona Ice Truck Halloween Costume - DIY Inspired

DIY Cardboard Kona Ice Truck Halloween Costume - how to make a simple cardboard truck for a Halloween costume.

How to Make a Spook-tacular Halloween Mantel

Decorating for Halloween is one of my favorite things ABOUT the holiday {besides the candy, of course}.  I just adore the challenge of making or displaying items that could be just plain scary and adding fun elements that make them not-so-ghoulish. A great place to showcase your Halloween decorating skills is the MANTEL.   Even

Pumpkin Coloring Pages for Adults & Kids

5 cute pumpkin coloring pages for adults & kids. Free printable fall coloring sheets you can download for a Halloween party or a fun Thanksgiving activity.

Easy DIY Halloween Tombstones

Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween without a little spooky. Pumpkins and skeletons and spiderwebs and…easy DIY Halloween tombstones! It’s a fun activity and you’re guaranteed to have unique decor…

Learn How to Crochet Cute Mini Pumpkins for Fall Decor

Pumpkins are a fall home decor staple – and these are easy to make in your favorite yarn colors. This beginner tutorial includes step-by-step photos and easy to follow instructions. Whip up s…