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What is Blogs Bunny?

Blogs bunny is a content sharing platform designed for bloggers and media outlets to gain user engagement from high quality articles through our own ranking and machine learning algorithms.

Mission Statement

BlogsBunny's primary goal is to fill the gap between what some of the popular social media/content sharing platforms fail to provide. We ensure bloggers are able to promote their own content without being called a "Spammer" or have their reach killed due to fears of "fake news".

The secondary goal is to ensure that only good quality, well written blogs/articles will feature prominently, with additional deciding factors applying other than the traditional up and down voting system. These factors will be:

  • Grammar/Spell Checker - 1/20
  • Plagiarism Checker - 1/20
  • Plus/Minus Votes (based on a heat metric) - 1/20
  • Website Reputation - 1/20
  • Readability - 1/20

The relevance to bunnies is the notion of "disappearing down a rabbit hole", which in this case is Categories (Warrens), Sub-categories (Burrows) and sub-sub-categories (Rabbit Holes), how deep does the rabbit hole go?. Below is an example diagram to illustrate how the categories are mapped