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1 month ago
A.J. Exports launches bringing utility shopping online Tomaxo enters the digital marketplace as an exclusive store for utility products for manufacturing, industrial, commercial as well as household applications. This specialized ecommerce platform presents a wide choice across all the top brands in the sector, and aims towards lowering the gap between the manufacturer’s selling price and the customer’s buying price by performing the task of the singular connecting pathway between the two. Tomaxo currently extends its services to the whole of India and plans to expand to SAARC Countries by the end of 2021. It currently lists more than 10000 specialised products from over 300 brands, both indigenous and international, and plans to push up the numbers to 75000 in the next few months. The Tomaxo initiative was in development since 2015, and is owned by the Apan John Group. “The initial days of conception and implementation were very difficult. Since we specialize in technolog



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